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When customers come to Sunset Volkswagen of Sarasota, they are excited to see the range in possibilities that a new Volkswagen offers. If you are thinking about buying a new car, choosing one from the Volkswagen lineup offers you a high-quality vehicle at an affordable price. Customize the sliders below to find the Volkswagen model that is right for you.

2023 Volkswagen Arteon Sedan

  • Starting at: $43,010

2023 Volkswagen Atlas SUV

  • Starting at: $34,600

2023 Volkswagen Golf R Hatchback

  • Starting at: $44,290

2023 Volkswagen ID.4 SUV

  • Starting at: $38,995

2023 Volkswagen Jetta Sedan

  • Starting at: $20,415

2023 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Sedan

  • Starting at: $31,345

2023 Volkswagen Taos SUV

  • Starting at: $24,155

2023 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV

  • Starting at: $26,590

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Why Buy a Volkswagen

The first reason to buy a Volkswagen is the versatility of the brand. You might enjoy a sportier vehicle, while others might need the spaciousness provided by an SUV. Other drivers around Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch might crave a small car to fit into tiny city parallel parking spots. Regardless of the size of the vehicle that you crave, Volkswagen has a model that will work for you.

Another reason to purchase a Volkswagen is the fuel economy of the vehicles. The company prides itself on producing vehicles that meet the U.S. Environmental protection agency standards for lower fuel consumption. On average, you will use less gas when driving 100 miles in a Volkswagen than you will when driving other car brands.

A third reason to purchase a new Volkswagen is the reliability of the vehicle. Nobody wants to purchase a car that will leave them stranded, and Volkswagen has crafted a brand history of being extremely reliable. Purchasing a Volkswagen will allow you to drive more miles with less worry about the vehicle breaking down on you.

Volkswagen buyers around Port Charlotte and North Port, FL also love the vehicle's interiors' high quality. Whether you are planning on using the car as your daily driver to get back and forth to work or planning on using the Volkswagen as a weekend vacation vehicle, the Volkswagen you choose will have a durable interior. Typical hazards such as children's feet, dog scratches, and spilled drinks will not diminish the high-quality interior's integrity.

Check Out the Current Available Models at Our Dealership 

At Sunset Volkswagen of Sarasota, choose from sedans such as the VW Jetta or a spacious SUV like the Atlas. No matter which way you go, we're confident that you'll love your new Volkswagen for many miles to come.

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